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Improve the growth & efficiency of your organization by leveraging toolkits including business frameworks, analysis tools & document templates created by Management Consultants & Investment Bankers, previously from:

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  • Elise Barho

    Director at Huron Consulting Group

    “The Gold Business & Consulting Toolkit is an invaluable resource for me and my Consulting Firm. It would have taken us more than a year to create the same Toolkit on our own!”

  • John Anthony

    Independent Management Consultant

    My motto is simple: why would I start from scratch when I can leverage someone else's work? Thank you for putting together so many frameworks & templates that I can reuse for my client engagements!

  • Antoine Larodrie

    Manager for a Fortune 500 Company

    Each time I face a new Business problem, I always go on Slidebooks to see if one of their tier one Consultants already created a structured approach to solve it.

  • Anonymous

    Consultant in Strategy & Operations

    With full access to all these methodologies, frameworks and tools, I almost feel like I have an unfair advantage. But as my Manager at Deloitte used to say: "Work smarter, not harder"

  • Satishi Kama

    Senior Manager

    All these premium documents helped me significantly increase the productivity of my team and the quality of our deliverables, which are now a lot more structured.

The average daily rate of a McKinsey consultant is $4,000. A lot more expensive than purchasing one of these comprehensive Business Toolkits:

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