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Get Access to all our Business & Consulting Toolkits. Our Toolkits were created by ex-McKinsey, Deloitte & BCG Management Consultants over the past 5 years, after 15,000+ hours of work. They are considered as the word's best Business & Consulting Toolkits. They include 500+ Frameworks, Tools & Templates that will help you improve the growth & efficiency of your organization and boost your career.

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Improve the growth & efficiency of your organization by leveraging Business & Consulting Toolkits created by ex-McKinsey, Deloitte & BCG Consultants.

It cost us $500k+ to create all our Business & Consulting Toolkits. Get them for a fraction of this cost.

It’s like hiring Management Consultants to create all the practical Frameworks, Tools & Templates required to create a competitive advantage.

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We have worked 15,000+ hours over the past 5 years to create the world’s best Business & Consulting Toolkits. Don’t reinvent the wheel. Download now.

Improve your skills & capabilities and meet your professional goals by learning how the Fortune 100 and Global Consulting Firms do it.

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Impress your stakeholders and become your organization’s subject matter expert with world-class approaches to resolve common business problems.

Content overview

The Gold Package includes all our Business & Consulting Toolkits:

Gold Package Silver Package Bronze Package
1.Corporate & Business Strategy Toolkit
2.Finance and M&A Toolkit
3.Change Management Toolkit
4.Project Management Toolkit
5.Operations & Supply Chain Toolkit
6.Sales, Marketing & Communication Toolkit
7.Digital Transformation Toolkit
8.Management Consulting Toolkit
9.Leadership Skills Toolkit
10.Legal Toolkit
Number of Powerpoint slides 3000 2000 1000
Number of Excel sheets 100 100 100
Number of Word pages 10 0 0
License duration Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Price for 1 user $4,990 $3,990 $2,990

Content details

Each Toolkit includes many Business Frameworks, Analysis Tools and Document Templates:

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I. Corporate & Business Strategy Toolkit:
  1. Business Case Template
  2. Business Plan Template
  3. Commercial Due Diligence
  4. Consulting Proposal Template
  5. Digital Transformation Strategy & Plan Template
  6. Excel Calculator - Cash Flow, NPV, ROI, IRR, Payback Period & WACC
  7. Financial Model Course & Template
  8. Investor Pitch Deck
  9. Market & Competitor Analysis Template
  10. Minto Pyramid Principle
  11. Model Linking the 3 Financial Statements
  12. Pricing Strategies
  13. Strategic Plan Template
  14. Top 22 Strategy Frameworks & Tools: Ansoff Growth Matrix, Balanced Scorecard, Business Roadmap, Blue Ocean Strategy, Entry/Exit Barriers, Experience Curve, Fishbone Diagram, Five Whys, Initiative Prioritization Matrix, Issue Tree, Maturity Model, McKinsey Seven-S, Mission & Vision Statements, Net Present Value, PESTLE, Porter’s Five Forces, Porter’s Generic Corporate Strategies, Product Life Cycle, Strategy Map, SWOT, Value Chain Analysis, and Value Driver Tree
  15. Etc.
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II. Finance and Mergers & Acquisitions Toolkit:
  1. Business Case Template
  2. Business Plan Template
  3. Commercial Due Diligence Training
  4. Excel Calculator - Cash Flow, NPV, ROI, IRR, Payback Period & WACC
  5. Financial Model Course & Template
  6. Investor & Startup Term Sheet
  7. Investor Pitch Deck
  8. M&A Essentials
  9. Model Linking the 3 Financial Statements
  10. Post Merger Integration Framework
  11. Three Financial Statements Templates: Income Statement, Cash Flow Statement and Balance Sheet
  12. Top 3 Valuation Methods: Discounted Cash Flow (DCF) Valuation Model, Precedent Transaction Analysis Template and Comparable Company Analysis Template
  13. Venture Capital Training
  14. Waterfall Chart
  15. Etc.
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III. Change Management Toolkit:
  1. Change Management Strategy & Plan Template
  2. Top 32 Change Management Frameworks & Tools
  3. ADKAR Model
  4. Audience Identification Matrix
  5. Balanced Scorecard
  6. Business Roadmap
  7. Change Lean Canvas
  8. Change Commitment Curve
  9. Change Personal Transition Curve
  10. Change Impact Assessment
  11. Change Impact Assessment Matrix
  12. Channel Matrix
  13. Coaching Plan
  14. Communication Plan
  15. Communication Channel Tool
  16. Four Stages of Team Development
  17. Heart & Mind Human Drivers
  18. Initiative Prioritization Matrix
  19. Innovation Adoption Curve
  20. Issue Register
  21. Maslow Hierarchy of Human Needs
  22. Maturity Model
  23. McKinsey Seven-S
  24. Mission & Vision Statement
  25. Prosci 3-Phase Process
  26. RACI Matrix
  27. Risk Assessment Matrix
  28. Risk Register
  29. Resistance Management Plan
  30. Stakeholder Matrix
  31. Strategy Map
  32. Sponsorship Plan
  33. Team Charter
  34. Training Plan
  35. Etc.
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IV. Project Management Toolkit:
  1. Project Management Overall Approach
  2. Project Management Essentials 101
  3. Project Plan, Timeline & Roadmap Templates
  4. Change Management Strategy & Plan Template
  5. Excel Calculator - Cash Flow, NPV, ROI, IRR, Payback Period & WACC
  6. Top 36 Project Management Frameworks & Tools
  7. Project Management Phase 1 "Build a Business Case": Business Case Template; Financial Model Template; Initiative Prioritization Matrix
  8. Project Management Phase 2 "Initiate the Project": Project Charter; RACI Matrix; Stakeholder Matrix
  9. Project Management Phase 3 "Plan": High-Level Project Plan; Detailed Project Plan
  10. Project Management Phase 4 "Implement": Risk Register; Issue Register; Project Dashboard; Parking Lot
  11. Project Management Phase 5 "Close": Punch List; Post Project Evaluation Report
  12. Project Management Phase 6 "Ensure Efficient Change Management": ADKAR Model; Audience Identification Matrix; Business Roadmap; Change Lean Canvas; Change Commitment Curve ; Change Personal Transition Curve; Change Impact Assessment; Change Impact Assessment Matrix; Channel Matrix; Coaching Plan; Communication Plan; Communication Channel Tool; Four Stages of Team Development; Heart & Mind Human Drivers; Innovation Adoption Curve; Maslow Hierarchy of Human Needs; Maturity Model; Prosci 3-Phase Process; Resistance Management Plan; Sponsorship Plan; Training Plan
  13. Etc.
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V.Operations & Supply Chain Toolkit:
  1. Business Case Template
  2. Business Process Management Training
  3. Digital Transformation Strategy & Plan Template
  4. Lean 6 Sigma Essentials, Tools & Templates
  5. Payback Period and IRR
  6. Post Merger Integration Framework
  7. Pricing Strategies
  8. RACI Matrix Template
  9. Risk Assessment Matrix and Risk & Issue Register Templates
  10. The 5 Phases of Supply Chain Management
  11. Framework to Define & Implement your Supply Chain Strategy
  12. Procurement Management - Maturity Model Tool
  13. Supply Chain Management - Commonly Used Powerpoint Slide Templates
  14. Supply Chain Management - Initiative Prioritization Matrix & Roadmap
  15. Value Chain Analysis
  16. Etc.
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VI.Sales, Marketing & Communication Toolkit:
  1. Marketing Strategy & Plan Template
  2. Communication Strategy & Plan Template
  3. Pricing Strategies
  4. Sales Strategy & Plan Template
  5. Etc.
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VII.Digital Transformation Toolkit:
  1. Digital Transformation Strategy & Plan Template
  2. Business Case Template to justify an investment in a Digital Transformation Program or Project
  3. Excel Financial Model Templates to help you estimate key metrics such as Project Costs, Additional Revenue Generated, Cost Savings, Cash Flow, Net Present Value, etc.
  4. Overview of the Top 12 main New Technologies: Big Data, Artificial Intelligence, Cloud Computing, Cyber security, Blockchain, Internet of Things, Digital Marketing, 3-D Printing, etc.
  5. Change Management Strategy & Plan Template to ensure people adoption of the changes
  6. Project Management Overall Approach
  7. Key Frameworks & Tools to successfully complete your projects: Initiative Prioritization Matrix, Project Charter, RACI Matrix, Stakeholder Matrix, etc.
  8. A Digital Transformation Framework
  9. A Risk Register Template to identify and mitigate risks
  10. An Issue Register Template to identify and address issues
  11. Etc.
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VIII.Management Consulting Toolkit:
  1. Consulting Proposal Template
  2. Profitability Framework
  3. Top 500 Consulting Powerpoint Slides, Templates & Infographics
  4. Consulting Case Interview Training
  5. Top 40 Management Consulting Frameworks & Tools
  6. Ansoff Growth Matrix
  7. Balanced Scorecard
  8. Business Roadmap
  9. Blue Ocean Strategy
  10. Change Commitment Curve
  11. Change Impact Assessment
  12. Data Gathering Interview
  13. Data Gathering Focus Group
  14. Data Gathering Survey
  15. Entry/Exit Barriers
  16. Experience Curve
  17. Financial Analysis - Overview
  18. Financial Analysis - Income Statement
  19. Financial Analysis - Balance Sheet Statement
  20. Financial Analysis - Cash Flow Statement
  21. Financial Analysis - Ratio Analysis
  22. Fishbone Diagram
  23. Five Whys
  24. Initiative Prioritization Matrix
  25. Issue Tree
  26. Marketing Mix (4P’s)
  27. Maturity Model
  28. McKinsey Seven-S
  29. Mission & Vison Statement
  30. Net Present Value
  31. Pareto Principle
  32. PESTLE
  33. Porter’s Five Forces
  34. Porter’s Generic Corporate Strategies
  35. Problem Definition Worksheet
  36. Process Mapping
  37. Product Life Cycle
  38. Project Questionnaire
  39. RACI Matrix
  40. Risk Assessment Matrix
  41. Six Thinking Hats
  42. Strategy Map
  43. SWOT
  44. Value Chain Analysis
  45. Value Driver Tree
  46. Etc.
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IX. Leadership Skills Toolkit:
  1. Effective Communication
  2. Leadership
  3. Minto Pyramid Principle Training
  4. Negotiating Skills
  5. Personal Development
  6. Presentation Skills
  7. Team Management
  8. Time Management
  9. Etc.
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X. Legal Toolkit:
  1. Business Consultant Agreement Template
  2. Investor & Startup Term Sheet Template
  3. Non-Disclosure Agreement Template
  4. Non-Compete Agreement Template
  5. Etc.
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