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We are a team of Management Consultants (former Deloitte and McKinsey) and Investment Bankers (Former JP Morgan). We help Entrepreneurs, Consultants, Executives and Business Students to save time and make the difference by providing Consulting Services, and downloadable Business documents in Powerpoint & Excel



Consulting Tools and Trainings


 Key Clients:


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 " In 48 hours, you saved me 3 weeks of work. Thanks a lot for your tremendous effort and the high quality of your slides "

Senior Executive at Procter & Gamble


" After my presentation, I've received many positive feedback from the executive committee. Thanks a lot for your help "

Executive Manager at Louis Vuitton


" Working with former Deloitte and McKinsey consultants helped me to make a very good impression both in terms of form and content "

Manager at Dell


" The quality of their Powerpoint Slides was great "

Marketing Director at Danone


" They provided us with dozens of customized Excel Tools which are now used by everyone in our Business Unit "

Manager at Accenture


" Their management consultants are very efficient, dedicated and not as expensive as the consultants from the big firms "

Project Manager at Barclays



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