M&A Essentials


Who created this M&A Training?

  • M&A Essentials ( 31 Powerpoint slides) is a training created by our team of Management Consultants specialized in M&A (former Deloitte and McKinsey) and Investments Bankers

    M&A or Merger & Acquisition essentials includes:

    • The M&A Life Cycle with the key phases to follow (1.M&A Strategy, 2.Target screening, 3.Due diligence, etc.)
    • The key steps to follow for each phase
    • A framework that you can easily used to solve a M&A problem during a case interview
    • The key growth strategies
    • The key differences between M&A and Strategic alliances
    • An overview of the key company valuation methods
    • The Direct download of the files for immediate use
    • A 1 week money back guarantee

          We created this M&A training to help:

          • Entrepreneurs
          • Senior Executives
          • MBA Students
          • Management Consultants
          • Investment bankers


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