Investor Pitch Template



  • This "Investor Pitch Template and training" has been created by our team of Ex-Deloitte and McKinsey consultants. Deloitte is ranked #1 in Global Consulting and McKinsey is ranked #1 in Strategy Consulting
  • This "Investor Pitch Template and Training" recently became an international best seller with Entrepreneurs and Small & Medium Enterprises from many different countries who appreciate the tremendous time they save by using this template, and who feel a lot more confident in front of high-caliber Individual Investors, Venture Capitalists and Private Equity firms

Investor Pitch Template and Training Description

  • This product contains 100 Powerpoint slides that will walk you through the 10 steps that you will have to take to create your Investor Pitch
  • It also includes a "fill in the blanks" template of 50 slides covering the following 10 sections: 1.Executive summary | 2.Context and idea | 3. Mission statement, goals and objectives | 4.Market analysis | 5.Competitor analysis | 6.Marketing pan | 7 Organizational plan | 8.Financial plan | 9.Action plan &  Timeline | 10.Exhibits
  • By double clicking on the Financial plan charts and tables, you can directly access to the excel sheet and input your own data
  • You can directly download the file for immediate use or you can wait 20 minutes before receiving it on your email address
  • You can easily make your presentation unique by customizing each slide's text, colors, graphics and logo
  • You will also receive 50 additional high quality free PowerPoint slides from our collection throughout the next 6 months
  • Please see on this page a small sample of the slides included in this "Investor Pitch Template and Training"

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