Digital Transformation Strategy & Plan Template

120 Powerpoint slides | 10 Excel sheet

Easily define & implement your Digital Transformation Strategy & Plan by leveraging this 10-step Template. Created by ex-McKinsey, Deloitte and BCG Consultants specialized in Digital Strategy, after more than 600 hours of work. Don’t reinvent the wheel. Download Now.

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I. A Digital Transformation Strategy & Plan Template with 10 simple steps:
  1. Executive Summary
  2. Market & Competitor Analysis
  3. Company Performance
  4. SWOT
  5. Digital Maturity Model - Current State & Target State
  6. Digital Transformation Strategic Objectives, Team & Budget
  7. Technologies to consider to reach our Strategic Objectives
  8. Digital Transformation Initiatives to reach our Strategic Objectives
  9. Digital Transformation Plan
  10. Dashboards to Track & Manage Progress
II. Instructions on how to fill in the Template:
  1. Framework
  2. Step-by-step instructions
  3. Best practices
  4. Examples
  5. Tips
III. Other:
  1. A Business Case Template
  2. A simple Excel Financial Model Template
  3. A more sophisticated Excel Financial Model Template
  4. Top 12 New Technologies (Big Data, AI, IoT, Blockchain, etc.)
  5. Easy to use tables in Excel
  6. Excel charts which update automatically

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