Digital Transformation Strategy

80 Powerpoint slides

Easily define & implement your Digital Transformation Strategy by leveraging world-class frameworks, tools & templates. The documents were created by ex-McKinsey, Deloitte and BCG Consultants specialized in Digital Strategy, after more than 300 hours of work. Don’t reinvent the wheel. Download the frameworks, tools & templates Now.

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 80 Powerpoint slides covering the following topics:
  1. A 6-phase Framework to define and implement your Digital Transformation Strategy
  2. An example of a business case to justify a $100 million investment
  3. Examples of a Digital Strategy
  4. Examples of Digital Roadmaps
  5. A Digital Maturity model to assess the maturity of your business
  6. An example of ideal company Digital ecosystem
  7. The 6 core technology trends that make Digital Transformation possible
  8. Some examples of Digital transformation
  9. Key background knowledge and figures you need to know
  10. The difference of market returns between firms with a digital ecosystem business model and the S&P 500
  11. Etc.

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