Consulting Proposal Template

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Easily create a convincing Consulting Proposal that will help you increase your number of clients. This Consulting Proposal Template was created by ex-McKinsey, DeloitteBCG Management Consultants, after more than 300 hours of work. Don’t reinvent the wheel and increase the professionalism of your Consulting Proposals today.

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This Consulting Proposal Template will help you present:
  1. A clear understanding of the situation of your potential client
  2. The key challenge facing your potential client
  3. The key question you need to answer
  4. Your proposed multi-phase approach to answer this question
  5. The details of the key phases, activities & deliverables
  6. Why they should hire you to carry out the project
  7. Your proposed team to carry out this project
  8. Your proposed budget
  9. Your appendices

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