Change Management Toolkit

190 Powerpoint slides | 15 Excel sheets

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Created by ex-McKinsey & Deloitte Consultants specialized in Change Management

Licensing for:

  • Increase the value creation of your projects with this Change Management Toolkit including frameworks, analysis tools & document templates.

  • Be more productive & save yourself hundreds of hours of work.

  • Impress your stakeholders with a world-class change management approach to define and successfully implement changes in your organization.

This Change Management Toolkit is an international best-seller including:

  • • Multiple Change Models, Plans, Frameworks, Tools, Templates & Strategies
  • • A Change Management Training
  • • Methodology on how to implement Change Management
  • • Description of the Prosci 3-phase process
  • • Description of the Prosci ADKAR Model
  • • A Prosci's Project Change Triangle (PCT) assessment tool in Excel
  • • A change management assessment tool in Excel
  • • A Powerpoint tool connecting organizational and individual change management
  • • Project Plan Template
  • • Roadmaps
  • • An Excel Communication template
  • • An Excel Training plan template
  • • An Excel Sponsorship roadmap template
  • • An Excel Coaching plan template
  • • An Excel Resistance management plan template
  • • Tools for creating awareness of the need for change (Communication content template, Channel matrix, Message / Communicator matrix, Awareness building timing plan)
  • • Tools for building desire to participate and support the change (Stakeholder matrix, List of actions to create a desire to change)
  • • A knowledge matrix explaining the different kind of training, channel and content to use to create knowledge on how to change
  • • An ability matrix that will help you to transfer knowledge into abilities and counter common obstacles
  • • A list of the key reinforcement actions
  • • The change commitment curve tool
  • • The key project management methodology and tools that you need to know to effectively implement change
  • • Description of the role and skills of a good Change Manager
  • • Etc

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  • Instant download after purchase

  • Fully editable text, graphic, logo & Color

  • Free support & advice from Tier 1 Consultants

  • 1 week money back guarantee*

  • Considered as a refundable business expense

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Did you know that the average daily rate of a McKinsey consultant is $4,000? A lot more than purchasing this comprehensive Change Management Toolkit.

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4.7 out of 5 stars

  • Xavier Friendlich
    Change Management Consultant

    Rating: “Very helpful change management toolkit”
  • Jaron Mieler

    Rating: “This toolkit helped me better manage change within my Business Unit. Though I prefer the Gold Business Toolkit, which includes the change management toolkit but also the strategy toolkit, the finance toolkit, etc.”
  • Ali Macdoul

    Rating: “Easy to use toolkit which allowed us to increase change adoption within our company”
  • Vivian Turnbul
    Senior Manager

    Rating: “Great to have access to the knowledge of ex-McKinsey Consultants without having to hire one”
  • Manu Charlotey

    Rating: “Great documents, both in terms of content and form"
  • Sean Macall
    Junior Analyst

    Rating: “Many thanks for providing so many tools and frameworks. Big timesaver!”
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