Case Interview Training



  • This Case Interview Training has been created in editable Powerpoint (35 slides) by former Deloitte and McKinsey Management Consultants 
  • It is based on our 20+ years of experience designing and implementing strategy in some of the largest companies in the world, but also Small Enterprises and Start-ups
  • Deloitte has been ranked #1 worldwide in global consulting by Gartner for the third consecutive year
  • McKinsey is the #1 strategy consulting firm in the world

    Our Case Interview Training includes:

    • The 4 key phases to follow to be successful in a case interview
    • The most common business cases you will face during a case interview such as Profitability problem (i.e. “Why does my company’s profit have decreased by 10%?”); Entering a new market (“Should we enter the Chinese market?”); Introducing a new product (“Should we introduce this new product X?”); M&A problem ("“Should we acquire the company Y?”)
    • Simple frameworks than you will be able to reuse easily during your case interview
    • How to master "guesstimate" interview

    Product Benefits:

    • Significantly increase your chances to be recruited by one of the the top 10 consulting firms in the world  with a high quality content created by former Deloitte and McKinsey Management Consultants 
    • Save your time by using our fully editable PowerPoint slides that you can add to your own business toolkit
    • Receive 50 additional high quality free PowerPoint slides from our collection throughout the next 6 months
    • Get free support and advice from our management consultants
    • Direct download of the file for immediate use
    • 1 week money back guarantee

        People who downloaded this Case Interview Training are:

        • Business Students
        • Executives who want to start a consulting career

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