Business Process Management


Objectives of this Business Process Management Training:

  • Increase your knowledge using our simple and comprehensive Business Process Management Training created by ex-Deloitte & McKinsey Consultants
  • Save weeks of work by re-using our editable Powerpoint slides
  • Show professionalism with well-designed Powerpoint slides

    This Business Process Management Training includes:

    • 100 editable Powerpoint slides that can be reused for your own presentations
    • Introduction of Business Process Management (BPM)
    • BPM Principles
    • Process Modelling
    • Process Analysis
    • Process Design
    • Case Study
    • Top 5 questions commonly asked during our training sessions
    • Value Chain Analysis Tool
    • Value Chain Analysis Templates
    • The key types of processes
    • The 4 key process redesign trade-offs
    • The main ways to improve a process
    • Re-usable process templates
    • The ideal culture for BPM
    • Top 5 useful BPM quotes
    • An instant download for immediate use
    • A 1 week money back guarantee

    Who usually downloads this product:

    • Consultants
    • Entrepreneurs
    • Executives
    • Business Students

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