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The documents include:

  • I. The key concepts to know to build a robust Business Case:
    • Weighted average cost of capital (WACC)
    • Payback period
    • Operating cash flow (OCF)
    • Free cash flow (FCF)
    • Net present value (NPV)
    • Internal rate of return (IRR)
    • Economic value added (EVA)
  • II. How to build a Business case in 3 simple steps
    • Carry out a benefits / costs analysis
    • Prepare financial statements and financial model
    • Conduct financial analysis
  • III. A Business case template including:
    • Assumptions & scenarios
    • Project resources cost
    • Project CAPEX
    • Project P&L
    • Payback period and Internal rate of return (IRR)
    • Financial summary
    • Etc.

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    Rating:  “Very robust excel sheets which I used to identify my best case scenario and worst case scenario. Though the performance indicators were not 100% aligned with the performance indicators that my company is using”
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