Balance Sheet Statement Template

5 Excel sheets | 15 Powerpoint slides

Easily create your Balance Sheet by reusing this Balance Sheet Template in Excel. The Template was created by ex-Deloitte, McKinsey & BCG Consultants. It includes key data (e.g. assets, liabilities, equity, etc.) and applies the accounting financial conventions used by financial experts. Don’t reinvent the wheel. Download this Template in a couple of clicks.

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This Balance Sheet Statement in Excel includes:
  1. A template with the number of years that can easily be adjusted
  2. Actuals and estimates
  3. Formulas automatically updating cells once you input your own data
  4. A dashboard automatically summarizing total assets, liabilities and equity
  5. Instructions with 4 easy steps to follow to fill in the template
  6. A real life example
  7. A training on how to link & analyse the balance sheet, income statement and cash flow statement
  8. All the accounting financial conventions used by financial experts
  9. The ability to easily add or remove columns and lines

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