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Meet some of our Professionals

  • Aurelien Domont

    Charlotte D.

    MBA Harvard Business School

    Ex-BCG Consultant

    Specialized in Strategy

    14 years of experience


  • Anuja A. Syamala

    Tim A.


    Ex-McKinsey Consultant

    Specialized in M&A

    22 years of experience


  • John Warren

    John T.

    MBA INSEAD Singapore / France

    Ex-Accenture Consultant

    Specialized in Operations

    10 years of experience


  • Effie Savvides

    Donald S.

    MBA New York University Stern

    Ex-Deloitte Consultant

    Venture Capitalist

    21 years of experience


  • A.J. Shastry

    A.J. Shastry

    Rutgers University-New Brunswick


    Specialized in Management & Strategy

    10 years of experience


  • Adèle Croucamp

    Adèle Croucamp

    Master at University of Cape Town

    Ex-Ernst & Young

    Specialized in Leadership Development

    8 years of experience


  • Emily Chipman

    Emily Chipman

    Master at Arizona State University

    Executive & Business Coach

    Specialized in Organizational Development

    15 years of experience


  • Jonathan Shepard

    Jonathan Shepard

    Master at University of Michigan

    Business Strategy professional

    Specialized in Data analysis & Strategy

    10 years of experience


  • Brad Pickar

    Brad Pickar

    MBA Columbia University

    Experienced Big 4-trained consultant

    Specialized in Digital Transformation & Strategy

    30 years of experience


  • Marissa Fayer

    Marissa Fayer

    MBA University of Connecticut Business School

    Implemented $15M+ product expansions

    Specialized in Operations & Product Development

    16 years of experience


  • Loubna Erraji Benchekroun

    Loubna Erraji Benchekroun

    Columbia University

    MBA Professor

    Specialized in Business Strategy

    18 years of experience


  • Gareth Parker

    Gareth Parker

    University of Oxford

    Senior Financial Services director

    Consultant in the index investing & ETF areas

    25 years of experience


  • Maximilien Dômont

    Andrew D.

    MBA University of Melbourne

    Ex-Bain Consultant

    Specialized in Leadership Development

    24 years of experience


  • Andrew Savvides

    Clara S.

    MBA New York University Stern

    Ex-PWC Consultant

    Specialized in Change Management

    12 years of experience


Our network of professionals helps small businesses and big corporations in 100+ countries

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Most common types of Projects

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    Finance and M&A

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    Change & Project Management

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    Powerpoint Design


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    Eli Sogu

    Director at Hiroshi Group

    A lot cheaper and quicker to hire a consultant via Slidebooks Consulting compared to the usual big consulting firms. Besides, the quality of the applications I received was very high.

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    Daniel Cuen

    Senior executive in a Fortune 500 company

    48 hours after I submitted my project, I had a consultant helping me to create a Business case that I had to present to my Chief Strategy Officer. 

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    Antoine Lamy


    With the help of a Business talent specialized in Strategy & Finance, I was able to quickly create a highly professional Investor Pitch and a complex Financial model to value my business and raise funds.

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    Beate Plapper

    Venture capitalist

    I needed an investment banker with a good background. Slidebooks was able to provide high level profiles within 2 days. The process was quick and John, the investment banker we hired, was a high caliber!

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    Sarah Kiming

    Startup Founder

    We hired Tim for 2 days so he could help us create a customized business valuation tool in Excel. He probably did in one day what we would have done in 2 weeks.

Example of projects

Location Description Value
flagUSA Create an investor pitch for a start-up wishing to raise $1M from a Silicon Valley Venture Capitalist $3,000
flagAUD Create a financial model to identify the potential synergy that would result from a merger $8,000
flagUSA Play the role of Chief Strategy Officer for 6 months for a medium-size health company $150,000
flagSAU Transform an existing Powerpoint deck into a stunning and visually compelling Powerpoint presentation $2,500
flagGRB Prepare and facilitate a series of workshops to help the executive committee define its strategy £8,000
flagFRA Build a Leadership program for the senior executives of a Fortune 500 company €22,500
flagDEU Play the role of Chief Financial Officer for 6 month for a medium-size retail company €140,000

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