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Our team

Slidebooks Consulting is a Management Consulting Firm composed of ex-McKinsey, Deloitte & BCG Consultants from around the world.

After humble beginnings, we now have clients in 160+ countries.


Aurelien Domont is a well-known Ex-Deloitte Management Consultant with 18+ years of experience helping companies improve their performance.

He is also a Linkedin Influencer with 40,000+ Executives, Consultants & Entrepreneurs following him.

Follow our CEO Aurelien on Linkedin
Follow our CEO Aurelien on Linkedin

Our Mission

Our mission is to help Executives, Consultants & Entrepreneurs improve the performance of their organization by providing world-class Toolkits, Frameworks & Templates.

To fulfill this mission, our team of tier-one consultants always keep learning from the best Entrepreneurs, such as Richard Branson.

Cancer Research Donation

Capitalizing on the success of Slidebooks Consulting, we decided to donate a percentage of our profit to cancer research, in memory of Alain Domont, Aurelien's late father. Alain Domont went to heaven at due to a Pancreatic Cancer.

Follow our CEO Aurelien on Linkedin

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  • Aurelien Domont

    Ex-Deloitte Consultant

    Specializes in Strategy, Management & Finance

    Slidebooks Consulting CEO

    15 years of experience

  • Malik Kasmi

    Malik Kasmi

    Ex-McKinsey Consultant


    Specializes in Management & Strategy

    11 years of experience

  • Daniel Curtis

    Daniel Curtis

    Ex-McKinsey Consultant

    MBA Wharton

    Specializes in Strategy & Operations

    16 years of experience

  • Tony Altimore

    Tony Altimore

    Ex-Booz Allen Hamilton Consultant

    MBA Wharton

    Specializes in Corporate Strategy

    15 years of experience

  • Adèle Croucamp

    Adèle Croucamp

    Ex-Ernst & Young Consultant

    Master at University of Cape Town

    Specializes in Leadership Development

    10 years of experience

  • Laurens De Poorter

    Laurens De Poorter

    Ex-BCG Consultant

    MBA Harvard Business School

    C-level exposure in strategic assignments

    9 years of experience

  • Karola McArthur

    Karola McArthur

    Ex-Deloitte Consultant

    Former Head of Corporate Strategy

    Dedicated to Shareholder Value Improvement

    20+ years of experience

  • Loubna Erraji Benchekroun

    Loubna Erraji Benchekroun

    Columbia University

    MBA Professor

    Management Consultant

    21 years of experience

  • Fallon Ukpe

    Fallon Ukpe

    Ex-McKinsey Consultant

    MBA Duke University

    Specializes in Strategy & Financial Modeling

    9 years of experience

  • Alex Kranenburg

    Alex Kranenburg

    Ex-Accenture Consultant

    Specializes in Strategy

    Led projects for Fortune 500 clients

    8 years of experience

  • Raimonds Kulbergs

    Raimonds Kulbergs

    Ex-Deloitte and EY Consultant

    Corporate Finance & Management Consulting

    Bachelor Stockholm School of Economics

    12 years of experience

  • Rafik Zemouli

    Rafik Zemouli

    Ex-PWC & Kurt Salmon Consultant

    Master ESCP Europe Business School

    Specializes in Strategy & Transformation

    11 years of experience


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