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To provide the World’s Best Business & Consulting Toolkits in 200+ Countries

Our Mission

To help Executives, Consultants & Entrepreneurs to:


By creating world-class Business Frameworks, Analysis Tools & Document Templates

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  • Aurelien Domont

    Ex-Deloitte Consultant

    Specializes in Strategy, Management & Finance

    Slidebooks Consulting CEO

    15 years of experience

  • Malik Kasmi

    Malik Kasmi

    Ex-McKinsey Consultant


    Specializes in Management & Strategy

    11 years of experience

  • Daniel Curtis

    Daniel Curtis

    Ex-McKinsey Consultant

    MBA Wharton

    Specializes in Strategy & Operations

    16 years of experience

  • Tony Altimore

    Tony Altimore

    Ex-Booz Allen Hamilton Consultant

    MBA Wharton

    Specializes in Corporate Strategy

    15 years of experience

  • Adèle Croucamp

    Adèle Croucamp

    Ex-Ernst & Young Consultant

    Master at University of Cape Town

    Specializes in Leadership Development

    10 years of experience

  • Laurens De Poorter

    Laurens De Poorter

    Ex-BCG Consultant

    MBA Harvard Business School

    C-level exposure in strategic assignments

    9 years of experience

  • Karola McArthur

    Karola McArthur

    Ex-Deloitte Consultant

    Former Head of Corporate Strategy

    Dedicated to Shareholder Value Improvement

    20+ years of experience

  • Loubna Erraji Benchekroun

    Loubna Erraji Benchekroun

    Columbia University

    MBA Professor

    Management Consultant

    21 years of experience

  • Fallon Ukpe

    Fallon Ukpe

    Ex-McKinsey Consultant

    MBA Duke University

    Specializes in Strategy & Financial Modeling

    9 years of experience

  • Alex Kranenburg

    Alex Kranenburg

    Ex-Accenture Consultant

    Specializes in Strategy

    Led projects for Fortune 500 clients

    8 years of experience

  • Raimonds Kulbergs

    Raimonds Kulbergs

    Ex-Deloitte and EY Consultant

    Corporate Finance & Management Consulting

    Bachelor Stockholm School of Economics

    12 years of experience

  • Rafik Zemouli

    Rafik Zemouli

    Ex-PWC & Kurt Salmon Consultant

    Master ESCP Europe Business School

    Specializes in Strategy & Transformation

    11 years of experience

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Cancer Research Donation

We decided to donate & reinvest a percentage of our profit to cancer research, in memory of Alain Domont, Aurelien's late father. Alain Domont went to heaven at the age of 66 year-old due to a Pancreatic Cancer.

He had a brilliant life where he raised with his amazing wife 5 kids, and became a highly recognized Doctor, Medical Public Services Director, University Professor, Government Adviser, and Book Author.

You too can help solve the Cancer Research Puzzle by donating to foundations such as World Cancer Research Fund International.

Cancer Research Donation

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