Top Frameworks to Solve Consulting Case Interviews

35 Powerpoint slides

Increase your chance to land a job in a tier-one Management Consulting Firm by leveraging our Consulting Case Frameworks. These step-by-step Frameworks, which have been created by ex-McKinsey, DeloitteBCG Management Consultants, are very easy to apply during interviews.

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Multiple Frameworks to help you solve Consulting Cases during Interviews:
  1. The 4 key phases to follow to be successful in a case interview
  2. How to solve a "Profitability" Case (i.e. “Why does my company’s profit have decreased by 10%?”)
  3. How to solve an "Entering a New Market" Case (“Should we enter the Chinese market?”)
  4. How to solve an "Introducing a New Product" Case (“Should we introduce this new product X?”)
  5. How to solve an "M&A" Case ("“Should we acquire the company Y?”)
  6. How to solve a "guesstimate" Case

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