Managerial Skills Training

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This Managerial Skills Training was created by ex-McKinsey, Deloitte & BCG Consultants specialized in Team Management. It includes the top 7 habits of great team managers, and many Frameworks, Tools & Templates that you can reuse to better manage your team. It will help you define your team's vision, mission, values, roles & ways of working.

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This Managerial Skills Training includes:
  1. The top 7 habits of great team managers
  2. How to build trust among your team
  3. How to define your team’s mission, vision and values
  4. How to define your team’s goals, roles and responsibilities
  5. How to define your team’s ways of working
  6. How to coach your team
  7. How to facilitate a workshop
  8. How to create a workshop agenda
  9. How to create a one-page team charter
  10. Several one-page team charter templates that you can reused
  11. Several Workshop agenda templates that you can reused

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