Leadership Skills Toolkit

240 Powerpoint slides

This Toolkit was created by ex-McKinsey, Deloitte & BCG Consultants specialized in Leadership Development. It includes multiple Training to increase your Presentation Skills, Communication Skills, Negotiation Skills, Time Management Skills, Managerial Skills & Leadership Skills. It also includes a Personal Development Training.

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The Leadership Skills Toolkit includes:

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I. A Managerial Skills Training:
  1. The top 7 habits of great team managers
  2. How to build trust among your team
  3. How to define your team’s mission, vision and values
  4. How to define your team’s goals, roles and responsibilities
  5. How to define your team’s ways of working
  6. How to coach your team
  7. How to facilitate a workshop
  8. How to create a workshop agenda
  9. How to create a one-page team charter
  10. Several one-page team charter templates that you can reused
  11. Several Workshop agenda templates that you can reused
II. How to provide your recommendations in a convincing way:
  1. Give a clear introduction including the situation, the complication and the main question to answer
  2. Start by giving the answer to the main question
  3. Then provide 3 supporting arguments that explain the "why" or "How"
  4. Ensure that your pyramid is Mutually Exclusive and Collectively Exhaustive (MECE)
  5. Create a story board
  6. Understand the differences between inductive logic and deductive logic
III. A Personal Development Plan:
  1. How to define your Personal Mission Statement & Vision Statement
  2. How to define your Long Term Goals & Short Term Goals
  3. How to define your Values & Behaviors
  4. Many Tools, Templates & Posters to present your Mission, Vision, Goals and Values in a simple and visually attractive way
IV. And also:
  1. A "Leadership" Training
  2. A "Communication Skills" Training
  3. A "Time Management Skills" Training
  4. A "Negotiation Skills" Training
  5. 240 editable Powerpoint slides that can be reused for your own presentations & training

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