Cash Flow Template

7 Excel sheets

Easily calculate your past and future cash flows by reusing this Cash Flow Template in Excel. The Template was created by ex-Deloitte, McKinsey & BCG Consultants. It includes cash flows from operating activities, investing activities & financing activities. Don’t reinvent the wheel. Download this Template in a couple of clicks.

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I. A Cash Flow Template in Excel including:
  1. Cash flows from operating activities, investing activities & financing activities
  2. A 2-year, 3-year, 5 year & 8-year Cash Flow Template
  3. Formulas automatically updating cells once you input your own data
  4. All the accounting financial conventions used by financial experts
II. A Step by Step Tutorial including:
  1. Five easy steps to follow to fill in the template
  2. The impact of the Income Statement on the Cash Flow Statement
  3. A real life example

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