Operational Excellence Toolkit

800 Powerpoint slides | 20 Excel sheets

This Operational Excellence Toolkit was created by ex-McKinsey, Deloitte and BCG Consultants, after more than 1,000 hours of work. It is considered the world's best & most comprehensive Operational Excellence Toolkit. It includes all the Frameworks, Analysis Tools & Document Templates required to improve your skills and the operations of your organization.

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This Toolkit includes frameworks, tools & templates in the following areas:
  1. Business Process Management
  2. Lean 6 Sigma
  3. DMAIC Methodology (Define, Measure, Analyze, Improve, and Control)
  4. Supply Chain Management
  5. Supply Chain Strategy
  6. Demand & Supply Chain Planning
  7. Sourcing & Procurement
  8. Manufacturing, Logistics & Distribution
  9. Business Case
  10. Value Chain
  11. Initiative Prioritization Matrix
  12. Strategy Formulation & Execution
  13. Strategy Map
  14. Balanced Scorecard
  15. McKinsey 7 S
  16. The “Five Whys” Problem Solving Concept
  17. The Fishbone diagram
  18. Business Roadmap
  19. Payback & IRR
  20. Process mapping
  21. For more details, click on the section "Operations" of the website

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