Post Merger Integration Framework

120 Powerpoint slides | 2 Excel sheets

Increase the added value of Mergers & Acquisitions by leveraging this step-by-step Post Merger Integration framework. This international Bestseller was created by ex-McKinsey, Deloitte and BCG Management Consultants, after more than 300 hours of work. Don’t reinvent the wheel and increase your productivity. Download this Post Merger Integration Framework Now.

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I. Define your Strategy & Establish your Organizational Structure:
  1. Communicate the merger strategic objectives
  2. Create an integration office
  3. Define the Post Merger Integration guiding principles
  4. Define the organizational structure and appoint leaders
  5. Help managers set their new teams up for success
  6. Create an integrated synergy baseline
  7. Build and communicate synergy targets
II. Plan:
  1. Identify all the potential integration & synergy initiatives
  2. Prioritize integration & synergy initiatives
  3. Create an integration & synergy roadmap
  4. Create an integration & synergy Plan
III. Execute & Monitor:
  1. Execute the integration & synergy initiatives
  2. Follow and measure the progress of the integration & synergy initiatives
  3. Gather the whole company on a regular basis
IV. Transverse Activities:
  1. Ensure optimum change management
  2. Ensure effective communication
  3. Ensure cultural fit
  4. Institutionalize the approach by creating a playbook

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