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  • This gigantic Business Toolkit has been created over the past 3 years by a team of ex-Deloitte & McKinsey consultants, Venture Capitalists and JP Morgan Investment Bankers
  • Deloitte is ranked #1 worldwide in global consulting, Mckinsey is ranked #1 worldwide in Strategy consulting, and JP Morgan is the biggest Investment Bank in the world
  • This Business Toolkit recently became an international best seller with clients from 100+ countries who appreciate the tremendous time they save everyday by using very high quality and editable Powerpoint documents
  • Our clients include Executives, Consultants, Entrepreneurs, Investment Bankers, Professors and Business Students from various successful organisations such as Harvard, Dell, Procter & Gamble, Louis Vuitton, Accenture and BCG
  • This Business Toolkit includes all the Business Templates, Trainings, Tools, Diagrams and editable Maps currently available on this website. That is to say more than 2000 Powerpoint slides and 500 Infographics. However it doesn't include the Excel sheets which are part of the other more comprehensive Toolkit called "Full Business Toolkit - Powerpoint & Excel"
  • You'll see below a non-exhaustive list of what the Business Toolkit includes. For more details, you can also click on our 3 sections "Business Templates & Trainings", "Diagrams", and "Maps"

List of Business Trainings, Tools and Templates in Strategy, M&A and Finance:

  • 5 Whys Problem Solving Templates
  • Ansoff Growth Matrix Templates
  • Balanced Scorecard Training and Templates
  • Business Case Training and Templates
  • Business Plan Training and Template
  • Commercial Due Diligence Training and Templates
  • Financial Analysis Training and Templates
  • Financial Plan Template
  • Income Statement Template
  • M&A Essentials
  • Management Consultant Toolkit
  • Market & Competitor Analysis
  • McKinsey Seven-S Templates
  • Mission Statement Templates
  • Porter's Five Forces Templates
  • Pyramid Principle Training and Templates
  • Strategic Plan Training and Template
  • Strategy formulation Training
  • Strategy Map Training and Templates
  • Strategy Toolkit
  • SWOT Diagrams
  • Top 8 Strategy Tools - Templates
  • Value Chain Templates
  • Value Driver Tree Templates
  • Venture Capital 101

    List of Business Trainings, Tools and Templates in Operating Model Improvement:

    • Lean 6 Sigma Essentials
    • Lean 6 Sigma Tools & Templates
    • Marketing Plan Template
    • Process mapping

      List of Business Trainings, Tools and Templates in Project Management and Change Management:

      • Change commitment curve tool
      • Change Management Toolkit
      • Coaching plan template
      • Communication template
      • Key project management methodology
      • Key project management tools
      • Project Manager Toolkit
      • Project Status Report
      • Prosci 3-phase process
      • Prosci ADKAR Model
      • Prosci's Project Change Triangle (PCT) assessment tool
      • Resistance management plan template
      • Scorecard Template
      • Smart Objective Matrix
      • Sponsorship roadmap template
      • Stakeholder Matrix
      • Training plan template

        CV Templates & Consulting Interview Training:

        • Case Interview Training
        • Resume / CV Templates

          List of editable presentations with Well-designed Diagrams:

          • 3D Puzzle Diagram
          • 500+ Icons & Infographics
          • Arrow Diagrams
          • Business Roadmaps
          • Fishbone diagram
          • Logical and Decision Trees
          • Organizational charts Templates
          • Powerpoint Timesaver
          • Pyramid and Funnel Diagrams
          • Sphere and Cube Diagrams
          • Timelines & Calendars Templates
          • Top 150 Diagrams

            List of editable Powerpoint Maps:

            • Africa
            • Asia Pacific
            • Australia
            • China
            • Eurasia
            • Europe
            • France
            • Germany
            • Italy
            • Mexico
            • North America
            • Peru
            • Puerto Rico
            • South America
            • UK
            • US
            • World

              Additional Information:

              • You will be able to easily customize each Powerpoint documents by adding your own logo and updating text, colors and graphics
              • You will be able to visually engage your audience with professionally-designed Powerpoint documents
              • This Business Toolkit will automatically be sent to your email after your purchase
              • There is a 1 week money back guarantee (see refund policy terms & conditions)
              • You will be able to get free support and advice or hire one of our Management Consultants or Investment Bankers by contacting us at sales@slidebooks.com or +61 (0)4 20 63 64 62

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