About Us

Consulting Tools and Trainings


We are a network of Management Consultants (ex-Deloitte and McKinsey) and Investment Bankers (ex-JP Morgan). For the past 20 years, we have been advising some of the largest companies in the world, but also Small and Medium Enterprises and Start-ups. Our network includes:

    • Aurelien Domont, Founder and Managing Director of Slidebooks Consulting
    • John Warren, responsible for Slidebooks Consulting Europe
    • Eric Dan, responsible for Slidebooks Consulting Asia Pacific
    • Jane Sanchez, responsible for Slidebooks Consulting America
    • Lisa Kim, responsible for Slidebooks Consulting Africa and Middle East

Slidebooks Consulting provides in 100+ countries:

    • Consulting services in Strategy, M&A, Operating Model and Leadership Development
    • Downloadable Business tools, trainings and meaningful diagrams in editable PowerPoint and Excel Formats


    • We decided to give back 2% of our profit to global charities such as the Movember foundation and the Telethon. 'Thank you' to our customers for helping us to contribute to a greater cause than ourselves


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